Finding Your Passion Pt.2

You not only have to find you passion as your career,but you also have to find your passion in life. You have to find what makes you happy , and also what makes you wanna get up in the morning. Life more than once throws us into situations where we feel completely lost, but if you can focus on your passions in life you won’t focus on the negative circumstances we sometimes end up in. In my recent experiences, as humans we have our bad days. We want to give up. Just be done with life. But if we find our passion, we won’t dwell on the bad and sulk around. We will get up and go handle our business. No matter what your passion is it will fuel you to accomplish great things even on your darkest days. Your passion could be your family, your life goals, playing a sport, being a chef, or anything else that your heart desires. Whatever drives you to accomplish all of your goals. At times finding your passion also requires you to take a step back from all the craziness and focus on yourself. Especially if you are into a lot of different things then you need to alone time to narrow down what your passion is. Don’t be afraid to take time to get to really know yourself. This is so key when it comes to making your passion your lifestyle and profession.

Finding Your Passion

As a person who is only 20 years old. I can definitely admit to times where I did not know where passion was. When you’re young you are into a lot of things. I know I’ve personally been interested in many things. Before I started college I was considering being a physical therapist, lawyer, doctor, and other  careers. But around my junior/senior year I took a broadcasting class at my school and it changed my life. I found my passion in video production, being on-screen talent, and all things entertainment. I didn’t even know how much work went into doing video production or writing a script before college. I truly am a student to this game. I want to know as much as I can about everything in movie and tv production from beginning to end. Finding your passion is about finding something that you enjoy doing and enjoy learning. Your passion is something that you do and it doesn’t feel like work. Your passion is something that you don’t necessarily have to be monetarily rich from doing it because it makes you feel rich in spirit. Having a passion is a beautiful thing and do not let anyone steer you away from it. People will always have something negative to say no matter what you are doing. People and their opinions do not matter at all. Many people try and kill others dreams because they didn’t fulfill their own personal goals and dreams. I truly believe in the saying that hurt people hurt people. But focus on your self and stay confident in the choices you make for your life and I promise you won’t regret it.

Update October 2017

Hello All! It has been a very long time since I have updated this website. A lot has changed since I last posted. I transferred colleges. I am now back home in Birmingham,AL. I attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am in my 3rd year and I am still pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism. I also declared a minor recently in Sports & Entertainment Marketing. I intend to keep this website updated. I guess we could call this a blog. I do not have a specific topic to focus on yet. But it will be college related, but also just about general life as a young African American woman chasing her dreams. This will also be my first step toward having a youtube channel. I believe sometimes it is easier to write out your thoughts then talking about them. Hopefully this new journey is as exciting as I want it to be. Expect a lot of updates and changes to this website as well. This is the beginning of the Abani Ayanna brand.